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Social networks growth is over. E-mail gets more users.

This the research started year ago.  As friends send me their birthday wishes I thoroughly count the communication tools used by them.

In 2013 there were 14% more greeting messages than in 2012. The distribution is in the table:

birthday greetings channels table

And the chart:

birthday greetings channels graph

Some comments.

1. Personal greetings reduce was caused probably by the fact I am not present in St.-Petersburg, Russia these days.

2. Social network growth to 53% from 48% a year ago doesn't look descent. It even was lower than in 2012 until the US friends joined the race. Thus, the period of rapid social networks growth is over. Facebook and VK will now have to earn more per a user. Get ready to be "milked".

3. Skype surprised me with losing back to e-mail. Maybe the reason are the recent privacy scandals around it? Too early to be sure. Let's watch.

4. Nevertheless, the share for e-mail+sms+call (which can be united into a group of 'traditional' communication tools) is up to 28% from 20%. A large change.

See you in 2014.

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