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Today In St.-Petersburg

A couple of pictures from today walk at St.-Petersburg, Russia

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Social networks growth is over. E-mail gets more users.

This the research started year ago.  As friends send me their birthday wishes I thoroughly count the communication tools used by them.

In 2013 there were 14% more greeting messages than in 2012.

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Thiathlete It's Official

Arrived with my mail today. Now I'm officially a triathlete.

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Hold On If You Can: Miracles Are Made By People Themselves

When some people believe that life is over, the others just begin. The story of Sergey Aleksandrov from St.-Petersburg, Russia

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Learn how to play Awesome Solo Piano with an example "Let it be the Beatles"

Grammy-Nominated Producer Composer and Pianist Matt McCarrin demonstrates the Boogie Woogie Piano style techniques over a popular song and also teaches how to play the song.

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In The Middle Of Pacific

This film was made in a place as far as 1500 miles from the nearest town, at an island in the middle of Pacific. Aren't you a little ashamed of being human after that? I am.

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In Sunny California

It's not easy to believe these videos has been taken yesterday in California

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Pareto Principle. Recursed.

According to Pareto Principle 20% of people do 80% of work. That means that 20% of those 20% do 80% of 80% of work.
According to the progression we get that 4% of people do 51% of work. And 3 people of a million do 17%.

If we could take these 3 of every million and put them to work, that means that we'll need only 3*7*1000*100/17  = 123530 people to do the work of all 7 billion people.

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Chicken-And-Egg Problem Solved: Egg Was The Frist

It was the egg to appear first. Check the proof below.

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Is email the most popular communication tool?

So what communication tool is the most popular in present? Phone? E-mail? Social networks? Maybe SMS?

Today I've got a number of birthday greetings, and this gave me an opportunity to determine the most popular tool, that is used by people for communication purposes. And I've got some results to be surprised with.

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Santa Cruz: Flora

The ocean is usually the most attractive object in Santa Cruz. But this time I was touched with flora violence in the streets.

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Japan is near

The first - and successful, - attempt to cook a Japanese roll at home. Japan seems to be right in my house.

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