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Notes from the Valley - When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade

In total, I've now spent around 18 months in the Valley. That means I'm already pretty used to being here, and I'm much less surprised with anything that happens around here. But one thing is constantly making me feel the difference between here and the places I used to live.

This one thing is probably America's main asset, the secret ingredient which makes this country work. I am quite sure that if you look at the short history of the USA, you'll see that this is what made it. I'm speaking of the great skill each American is being taught from pretty much the moment they are born - the skill of positive thinking.

But what does positive thinking actually mean? One may think that it is about seeing only positive side of life, paying no attention to any troubles that appear. And he or she would be totally misled in that case. Positive thinking is not about seeing the world through rose-colored lenses.

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Notes from the Valley #1 - Friction Losses

A lot of entrepreneurs in Russia are currently weighing up Silicon Valley. The question they are all trying to answer is whether Silicon Valley remains a kind of paradise for doing business, especially innovative, IT-based business. Having spent some significant time in the very heart of the Valley I believe I can help those guys get closer to the answers they're looking for.

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