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Volta Potential Difference

How to not undervalue your experience and yourself

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The easest way to lose a deal

First rule for a consultant and/or entrepreneur.

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Have you ever thought how Klout counts its influence score?

Klout has revealed the math behind its scoring engine. If you're interested, check it.

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Your Main Roadblock In Business

What is the biggest roadblock on your way to success in business? Procrastination? Poor education? Lack of luck? No way!

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Entrepeneurs At Risk Of Depression. Beware!

A good article revealing some insights on entrepreneurial depression. And some good ways to avoid it.

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Retail Conversion Increasing Tips

Really simple but great 9 tips on how to really improve conversion rate for your e-commerce site

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Anyone Using What's the purpose?

I wonder if anyone is using, and with what purpose.

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Today In St.-Petersburg

A couple of pictures from today walk at St.-Petersburg, Russia

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Social networks growth is over. E-mail gets more users.

This the research started year ago.  As friends send me their birthday wishes I thoroughly count the communication tools used by them.

In 2013 there were 14% more greeting messages than in 2012.

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Notes from the Valley - When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade

In total, I've now spent around 18 months in the Valley. That means I'm already pretty used to being here, and I'm much less surprised with anything that happens around here. But one thing is constantly making me feel the difference between here and the places I used to live.

This one thing is probably America's main asset, the secret ingredient which makes this country work. I am quite sure that if you look at the short history of the USA, you'll see that this is what made it. I'm speaking of the great skill each American is being taught from pretty much the moment they are born - the skill of positive thinking.

But what does positive thinking actually mean? One may think that it is about seeing only positive side of life, paying no attention to any troubles that appear. And he or she would be totally misled in that case. Positive thinking is not about seeing the world through rose-colored lenses.

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Notes from the Valley #1 - Friction Losses

A lot of entrepreneurs in Russia are currently weighing up Silicon Valley. The question they are all trying to answer is whether Silicon Valley remains a kind of paradise for doing business, especially innovative, IT-based business. Having spent some significant time in the very heart of the Valley I believe I can help those guys get closer to the answers they're looking for.

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YHOO-AAPL: look similar, don't they?

Check the YHOO and AAPL graphs overlapped, with time shifted. Don't they look somewhat similar?

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Thiathlete It's Official

Arrived with my mail today. Now I'm officially a triathlete.

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Hold On If You Can: Miracles Are Made By People Themselves

When some people believe that life is over, the others just begin. The story of Sergey Aleksandrov from St.-Petersburg, Russia

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Economic Turbulence in Curved Mirror of Stock Market

The world is changing rapidly. Moreover, it will never be the one we knew before the 2007 meltdown. Five years that passed since then changed the economic landscape so significantly, that no one can expect that the economic crisis will go and the world will be resurrected. And the stock market like a mirror reflects these changes. Sometimes in grotesque figures.

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